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Neuromuscular Therapy Cork

 Pain and Injury Treatment

A pain and injury treatment consists of an initial screening, which we’ll reflect on with each subsequent session. This includes a a postural and movement assessment so nonrestrictive underwear or shorts are ideal attire. I will talk to you about lifestyle and suggest ways to effect your individual behavior.

Treatment can include hydrotherapy, fine needles, taping and strapping, massage, cupping, exercise etc, if you are uncomfortable with any modality of treatment their is always an alternative approach to suit each person. Just let me know when we fill out the consent form or at any time during the treatment.

Pilates Personal Training – One to One

Pilates is a fantastic form of movement training. Over the course of 15 – 30 sessions you will move into and out of an optimal postural range from the front, back, side and through rotation while standing, lying on your back, front, side and in a seated or knealing position about 3000 times. Repitition with movement variation is the key to behavioral change without overuse and straining of muscles that can transfer easliy to all aspects of your life, including sport. Breathing patterns become a major focus as sessions progress.




Pregnancy Pilates Training One to One

During Pregnancy; posture, gait and breathing patterns can be stressed and Pilates is a safe and effective method of exercise and movement. It’s important during different stages of Pregnancy to maintain movement, flexibility, optimal breathing patterns. However different stages of pregnancy require specific adaptations to Pilates exercises so one to one classes are often used for direction or in place of a traditional Pilates class.

Sessions can be booked with Kevin.


Pregnancy Massage

Sciatic like symptomes, back ache, hip pain, sore feet, aching shoulders and neck are all common during Pregnancy. With some adaptation, massage is effectively pain relief and a welcome escape for many women. 

Much of referred pain can be of myofascial origin meaning that areas of increased sensitivity can play a large part in discomfort during your pregnancy so don’t just put up with it, get some well deserved relief.


Health and Wellbeing Session

Ideal for sports people or anyone with an active lifestyle. A thorough full kinetic chain assessment can identify areas that need attention in regards to; flexibility, breathing patterns, balance & awareness. These form the foundation on which we move an experience life and are the easiest aspects of health fitness to improve but also the most neglected and under valued. 

Corrective exercise is tailored to each individual and most often sessions are once a month/every 6 weeks to highlight areas to work on for the following session.

 Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

This treatment method that uses micro amperage current, frequencies and the principles of biological resonance. Microcurrent is often used for acute injuries within the first 4 hours post injury, post operatively or post event to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

It is most often employed in Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) and is an exciting method for treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions. The frequency specific effect is remarkable and reproducable.

Athletic Taping & Strapping

Athletic Taping and strapping is useful for the preparation and treatment of common injury sites. Comonly ankle, thumb and wrist sprains. It can be applied in the early stages of injury or to aid the return to sport, optimal healing or reduce risk of further injury.

Taping for proprioceptive and lymphatic purposes is also available. We utilise zinc oxide tape, heavy elastic adhesive taping and kinesio/rock/vivo tape where appropriate and beneficial.